Download Bitlife Game for PC, Windows 11/10/8/7 & MAC

In this article will guide you on downloading and installing Bitlife App for PC Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac.

What is Bitlife?

BitLife is an app that allows users to simulate experiences through all stages of life. The BitLife PC app can only work seamlessly on personal computers that make use of Android emulators to run Android apps.

Bitlife Life Stimulator is a game based on realism and life decisions. The game starts with an animated sperm to indicate the beginning of your life in the game. Players live an imaginary life where they need to make a series of choices according to your strategy, take risks or play it safe and observe the impact it makes on their virtual life.

BitLife for PC includes various real-life scenarios such as one night stands, threesomes, murdering family members, quitting school, taking drugs, etc. mostly, your choices do not have any outcomes, however in some cases you can be imprisoned, getting divorced by your spouse, dying, etc. your virtual life is mostly dependant on the decisions you take, however, certain unexpected situations do pop up from time to time.

BitLife- Life Simulator will be one of the most addictive simulator-based games that you’ll ever have the pleasure of playing. As you’ll be able to live out countless digital lives and control every decision which your characters make from their first breath to their last breath.

In the BitLife PC app, users try to make all the right choices so that they can become model citizens before they die. There are many things to do in the app, such as marriage, childbearing, raising a family, education, and lots more. Users can choose to select any side of the coin of life they find exciting or promising.

Features of Bitlife

  • Automatic saving.
  • Custom people — add your friends!
  • Bigger text and brighter colors.
  • Overhauled menu navigation.
  • BitLife community, starting with Reddit & Twitter.
  • Remove the ads (and support us) via in-app purchase.
  • Reworked iPad interface.
  • Fixed a few crashes.
  • Simulate real-life experiences!
  • Make choices on how to live
  • Interesting concepts such as marriage, education, crime, etc.
  • Become a model citizen
  • Build businesses, buy properties, private planes, etc.

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