HBO Max’s magical and action-packed “Adventure Time” special is a tribute to heroic resistance

HBO Max's magical and action-packed "Adventure Time" special is a tribute to heroic resistance

While watching the primary installment of HBO Max’s 4 hour-long specials “Adventure Time: Distant Lands,” based mostly on Pendleton Ward’s fantasy animated collection that ran on Cartoon Network, I used to be reminded of an episode from the present’s fifth season. In the episode titled “BMO,” the sentient gaming console voiced by Niki Yang unintentionally deletes their complete coresystemdrivers.sys throughout a spherical of routine upkeep. In order to function as regular, BMO explains to Finn (Jeremy Shada) and Jake (John DiMaggio) that they’re going to want to trek out to the MO manufacturing facility the place BMO was “born.”

Disguises are donned and shenanigans ensue, till BMO is lastly reunited with their creator, Moseph “Moe” Mastro Giovanni, who proceeds to repair them. Moe reveals that BMO is very special. They have been constructed as a companion for the kid he by no means ended up having. 

Moe explains, “I made BMO to be extra.” 

In “Distant Lands,” helmed by govt producer Adam Muto, BMO absolutely embraces that ingredient of their design in their very own special approach. After 10 seasons of serving as a sidekick to Finn and Jake (albeit it an extremely cute and well-loved one), BMO steps into the position of hero by combating the ability of a damaged system led by a corrupt ruler — a narrative that is each universally timeless and extremely well timed. 

BMO is fortunately shuttling via area armed with potatoes — and a music about potatoes: “They’re better than tomatoes!” — on a mission to terraform Mars once they’re suddelny thrown off beam. BMO finally ends up on The Drift, a debilitated area station powered on-and-off by questionable vitality sources and inhabited by colonies of scavengers. Watch the primary 4 minutes beneath:


The society is constructed on promoting bits of helpful scrap to Hugo (Randall Park), a sketchy former Earthling who masterminds lots of The Drift’s mechanisms. BMO’s crash-landing destroys some helpful scrapping tools that two teams – The Great Elves and Shell People – are feuding over, which then turns the battle on BMO.

Before they’ll retaliate, BMO is swept up by Y4 (later renamed Y5), a younger bunny-like creature (Glory Curda), who initially contemplates promoting them to Hugo. But after BMO’s fast considering helps residents restore a breach and earns them the self-styled title of sheriff, Y5 decides to turn out to be their playmate/deputy.

Together, they spend their days helping Drift residents with day-to-day disasters – like saving area beetles from drowning or wrangling area lard – whereas Y5 is visibly weighed down by a sense of impending doom, in addition to the vocal disapproval of her dad and mom, who work for Hugo. As The Drift is turning into extra and extra unstable, it turns into more and more obvious that Hugo is much less of a dependable chief and extra of a smarmy politician utilizing the labor of the station’s residents for his personal egocentric acquire. 


Inevitably, Y5 has to decide her personal loyalties, whereas BMO stays undeterred from combating towards the injustice at play on The Drift. 

“Even when things look really, really stupid, we still have to try,” BMO says. 

In this case, what is seen as “stupid” on The Drift is voicing dissent — particularly as a baby or a member of a marginalized neighborhood — even when the folks round you might be apathetically falling in line. 

And on this world, that so-called stupidity finally makes a large distinction. 

“Adventure Time” has at all times succeeded in speaking a message with out being moralistic, and this installment of “Distant Lands” is no completely different. This is partially due to, regardless of the absurdist environments, the present’s very actual depiction of human conduct and political machinations. When I watched Hugo boarding an escape pod regardless of cries of injustice, I could not assist however consider Donald Trump retreating to the White House bunker whereas 1000’s took to the streets to protest racial inequality. 


But simply because “justice,” nonetheless you outline it, will not be instantly achieved, “Distant Lands” reveals, via its depiction of BMO, that it is nonetheless one thing for which individuals ought to battle. “This robot expends energy in ways that yield it no benefit,” observes Y5 at one level, completely encapsulating the beneficiant heroism woven all through the “Adventure Time” canon. 

It’s an virtually childishly idealistic approach to method the universe, however after watching “Distant Lands,” I understand that our world wants extra BMOs as a result of by embracing the philosophy to “be more,” change can occur.

The first installment of “Adventure Time: Distant Lands” is obtainable to stream now on HBO Max. No release date has been introduced for the next specials.

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