How to grill perfectly juicy, charred corn

How to grill perfectly juicy, charred corn

Grilling corn ought to be as fast and simple as simply, properly, throwing it on the grill. But typically cobs emerge dry, or uncooked, or dry and uncooked. Should you be wrapping cobs in foil? Are you too fast to strip and toss the husks? Or is it merely a matter of higher timing or warmth correctly utilized?

To reply all of your questions (after which some), this is our information on how to grill corn on the cob in order that it is perfectly charred and juicy-sweet each single time. Oh, and this is a reminder on how to choose corn.

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How to grill corn

Grilling corn with husks

Grilling requires the appliance of excessive, dry warmth—one thing corn on the cob, when nonetheless encased within the husk, is uniquely suited to bear. Especially when contemporary, the sturdy, moist husk protects the kernels from the direct warmth you want for that flavorful char, whereas additionally steaming the corn to excellent doneness. If the corn you discover on the market is already husked, worry not—you possibly can approximate that atmosphere with foil.

1. Peel, however do not take away the husk

Gently peel to reveal the kernels, eradicating the silks, however go away the husk hooked up on the finish of the cob. Brush cobs evenly with butter or oil and season as desired, then cowl with the still-attached husks (or foil)—it will permit the corn to steam, whereas the husks char and tackle smoky taste. (You can also go away the corn peeled open, husk nonetheless hooked up, oiled and seasoned, and use the husk as an ornamental however useful “handle” whereas rotating on the grill.)


2. Fire up your grill

If working with a charcoal grill, gentle your charcoal (a chimney starter is helpful, however under no circumstances mandatory). When bricks are a minimum of 50 % grey and ashy, scatter over the charcoal grates and high with grilling grates. Lid the grill and let warmth for 10 minutes or so, or till 450°F.


If working with an electrical grill, merely gentle one or two zones to match the dimensions and quantity of corn you are grilling (if grilling for a crowd, you will seemingly need to gentle the whole grill). Let preheat for 10 minutes or so, or till the inside of the grill reaches 450°F.

3. Grill till cooked by

Place the coated cobs on the grill over direct warmth. Grill for 10 or so minutes, turning sometimes, till the husk is well-charred, and the kernels look opaque.

Grilling corn with out husks or foil

While charred corn is tasty, dry corn will not be. Cobs grilled sans husk or foil are extra seemingly to dry out. Create two zones on the grill—direct warmth and oblique warmth—so you possibly can transfer the corn on and off the warmer patches of the grill, permitting oblique warmth to prepare dinner the cobs by.


1. Oil & season the cobs

Brush naked cobs throughout along with your alternative of oil and seasonings.

2. Fire up the grill

Prepare your grill for 2 zones, direct and oblique, of warmth. If working with charcoal, merely scatter the bricks on just one a part of the grill; if working with electrical, gentle only one or two sections (or each different).

3. Grill till cooked by

Place cobs over direct warmth, rotating often (and shifting to the oblique warmth zone if charring too shortly), till the kernels look opaque, about 10 minutes.

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