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Samsung Galaxy S20 series gets The first update of 2020

The first update for the Samsung Galaxy S20 series is a fact. Users who use the device from now on will receive an update that includes the security update in March 2020.


The first update for Galaxy S20

The Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Ultra and S20 + will get an update from now on. It is also the first update available for the smartphone series. Kelly sends us the screenshots of the update, allowing us to learn more about this version. First of all, Samsung promises improved performance for the camera with the new update.


Another improvement that Samsung has made has to do with the security of the S20 series. Both the Samsung Galax S20, Galaxy S20 + and S20 Ultra will also receive the security update March 2020 .

The update is available for the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra. If you can download it, you will receive a notification on your device.


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