Yesmovies 2020 – Best Place to Download Hollywood, Bollywood and South Movies

Watch Movies HD Online: Here, you can able to watch Movies online Hollywood, Bollywood, and South movies from yesmovie. You can also able to found the best proxy list of yesmovies of 2020.

Friends, if you are told that what is the best thing we can do for you, then you will definitely say that everything is available to you in one place and easily. So if you keep this thinking, then understand that this news is for you only.

Today, we will tell you about one such website where you will get all kinds of new movies, TV serials, mobile apps, all in one place easily. The most important thing about this website is that you have all the filter options in it like which country and what kind of movie or series you want to watch. So that you save valuable time. The name of this website is YesMovies. 9xMovies: Download Bollywood & Hollywood Movies Full HD

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Yesmovies Homepage

What is YesMovies?

Yesmovies is a kind of pirated website that provides all types of new movies, TV serials and mobile apps on the Internet for online or download. Seeing about this website, it will come to your mind that how useful this website is. And it is better to wander from place to place and take all the facilities in one place. Another special thing is the Yesmovies website, that you can also see the ratings of movies here.

How do Yes movies help you?

As we have told you briefly about Yesmovies. Let us now know in detail about why it is so special

Talking about Yesmovies website, this website is completely pirated, in the second and easiest language, it is completely illegal. If you are considering making a pirated website of this kind in the temptation of more money, then understand that if caught, the law provides a good punishment.


Yesmovies are the specialty of this website, like “ALL IN ONE” where all the facilities for your entertainment are available in one place. This Eklauti is a website where you can watch or download the same movie online on the same website by viewing the rating of the movie.

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There are many websites to watch or download new movies but no one like yes movie offers the facility to watch or download TV serials online. Some alternatives to yes movies for new movies are given below.

You will be happy to know that this same website is divided into different types of Genre so that users do not face any kind of problem.

Mythological Action
Psychological Adventure
Romance Animation
Sci-Fi Biography
Sitcom Comedy
Sport Costume
TV Show Crime
Thriller Documentary
War Drama
Western Family
Xmas Fantasy
Mystery History
Musical Horror


How to download and Watch Hollywood movies from Yes movie?

Hollywood movies have been exclusively made available on the Yesmovies website as this website is seen on the world stage and is the most viewed worldwide.

After knowing all the types of movies, it becomes important to know how to download a movie from this pirated website. First of all, you have to go to any of the proxies below which are currently inactive state. After reaching there, you have to search for your favorite movie or TV serial as given below.


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After searching, your favorite movie will be in front of you. After that, you have to click on that movie. Keep in mind that you will also see almost the same type of ads which are very dangerous. You have to choose the button that will not have an ad written in both of those download buttons. By clicking on this button, many links will open in front of you, you do not have to do anything, just click on one of those links and you will be available to watch and download the movie.

Best Proxy List of Yesmovies 2020

To go to Yesmovies website, it is necessary to have the correct Proxy because without that you cannot access the Yesmovies website nor can you watch or download any movie. Below we are providing you the proxy of this website so that you can easily access the main website easily. yesmovies.yg
yesmovies.unblock (active)

Is Yesmovie is harmful of Not?

Yes, yesmovies is a kind of pirated website as we told you above. Websites like Yesmovies leak the newly released movies within 2-3 hours and publish them. Which causes a huge loss to the filmmakers.

The Government of India has a separate unit that mainly monitors such websites. When you open such a website, they get to know the IP address of your mobile or computer, thus the anti-piracy team can also take legal action against you.

Another big risk of using websites like yes movies are the ads that come on them. You can estimate this danger in such a way that your mobile or computer can be hacked. What happens is that when you click anywhere on websites like yesmovies, it redirects you to another website which is either an adult or some kind of hacking website. The thing is that Google Adsense does not approve of pirated websites so that they have to take the help of third-party ads, because the ads on these pages are the main means of earning.


[su_box title=”Notice” box_color=”#fb482a”]Do not use any type of website like Yesmovies as we have repeatedly told. Follow the law and watch new movies in the theater. “Droidacid” does not support any such type of website. All the information given above is just to make people aware of piracy.[/su_box]

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