Download GoodNotes for PC, Windows 10/8/7 & Mac

In this article will guide you on Download GoodNotes for PC Windows 10/8/7 and Mac.

What is GoodNotes?

The GoodNotes platform lets you create handwritten documents on digital paper, as well as sketch and write on them.

Document storage software acts as both a shelter to all of your documents by creating a single file for their safekeeping, as well as allowing you to organize notes and papers as you see fit. Your notes can be written right on the go with GoodNotes. Photographic illustrations can be added and your documents can be backed up to the cloud.

By using OCR technology on GoodNotes, you can search for any document-related files, such as handwritten notes or stylus-written notes, PDFs, typed texts, outlines, or folder titles.

As well as adding images, perfecting shapes, reordering and sizing the pages, you can expand your notes beyond the limits of paper. In addition to offering different paper sizes and sheets, GoodNotes provides you with a document view that lets you sort your notes by date or alphabetically and shows the name of the file, the last date it was opened, the cover design, and a section for your favorite notes.

We are going to examine in this article some of the amazing features of GoodNotes for macOS and Windows.

Features of GoodNotes App

Download GoodNotes for PC

  • Support for Drag and Drop

If you want to import PDF files, you can drag and drop them in GoodNotes at any time and anywhere for flexibility, easy editing, and switching between documents. Images, documents, and photos can be dragged and dropped into GoodNotes just like you would any document.

  • Scrolling with flexibility

GoodNotes allows you to easily switch between horizontal and vertical angles and navigate between pages, offering speedy response and maximum flexibility. Default scrolling directions can also be chosen and changed at your discretion.

  • Hyperlinks to PDFs

Foreign files can be accessed with this feature. GoodNotes on your system allows you to quickly import PDF files and texts and open, edit, insert texts, shapes, and images, as well as saving to the cloud.

  • Documents Tab

In GoodNotes, you can choose from a variety of paper templates and a variety of cover books from the document tab. Changing your paper or cover selection is also as easy as tapping on the default preview in the upper left corner of your screen. Searching for documents in the document tab is possible via a variety of formats, including typed text, handwritten notes, PDFs, outlines, documents, folder titles, and more.

  • In pen-up mode

GoodNotes offers you the option of creating documents by writing with a stylus or your finger, or you can use a fountain pen, brush pen, and ball pen to fix errors and highlights certain ideas.

  • Export and share

Rather than scanning through pages of files to share, documents from GoodNotes can be sent via email and uploaded onto cloud storage. The export command can also be initiated by choosing the device or location you wish to export your files to.

  • Import

It’s possible to import a variety of files to your GoodNotes library in many ways, but the most popular option is by tapping the New button and selecting Import files. A PDF file, a Word document, a PowerPoint presentation, and a document can be imported.

  • Other Tools

Drawing geometric shapes and lines are much easier with other tools like shape tools. You can resize and reshape objects using the Lasso tool. Using your camera or pictures from your photo library, you can insert images onto the page. Instead of using your fingers or a pen, you can tap anywhere on the page and switch to the keyboard to type instead.

You can create, edit, and store documents in GoodNotes with these and even more features.

GoodNotes for Mac

GoodNotes’ Mac app will guarantee your device will be flawless and utterly hassle-free. With GoodNotes on your Mac device, you have access to essential information/files on your device. Including your Notebooks, documents, PDF texts/files, and more. You can easily open a thumbnail view on GoodNotes and drag and drop PDF files, images, or other files from your desktop and other locations on your Mac device very easily.

Additionally, in the GoodNotes app, you can move bulk files and place them on the same page, making your documents or work more categorized and organized. Other amazing features include importing and exporting files from GoodNotes onto other apps or devices, opening multiple GoodNotes windows, as well as using all the other GoodNotes features.

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Download GoodNotes

Name GoodNotes 5
App Version
App Size
222.4 MB
Supported Version
This version of Mac OS should be installed.
The iOS 12.0 operating system is required.
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

GoodNotes for Windows

Windows users cannot use GoodNotes at the moment, however, the developers are working on a Windows version that will allow them to use it on their devices smoothly. Apple’s iOS and Mac devices run GoodNotes without issue.


GoodNotes on your Mac or other GoodNotes supported device will give you a great writing experience, with lots of exclusive features. Windows users will soon be able to enjoy GoodNotes features, too, as GoodNotes is slated to be released soon for Windows.



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