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About Reelsy App for PC

The innovative app Reelsy has now extended its reach to PC, marking a significant milestone for passionate storytellers. Initially launched on mobile platforms, Reelsy swiftly gained popularity as the go-to platform for crafting engaging short videos. Its expansion to PC now opens up a realm of possibilities for creators seeking a more comprehensive editing experience.

This transition to desktop enables a seamless shift and augments users’ capabilities in crafting compelling narratives through advanced editing tools. The app’s intuitive interface remains unchanged, ensuring a smooth and familiar experience for both seasoned users and newcomers.

Reelsy’s PC version introduces a larger canvas for creativity, empowering high-quality video production by harnessing the capabilities of a desktop environment. Whether editing existing footage or starting from scratch, Reelsy for PC aims to redefine the storytelling experience, offering unmatched flexibility and precision in video creation.

Features of Reelsy app for PC

Reelsy’s PC version offers a myriad of features tailored to empower creators in crafting compelling visual stories:

Download Reelsy for PC

  1. Enhanced Editing Suite: With an expanded workspace, the app provides advanced editing tools for precise customization, including trimming, transitions, text overlays, and audio adjustments.
  2. Multi-format Support: Users can work with various media formats, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of footage, images, and audio files.
  3. Advanced Effects: Access to a library of effects, filters, and animations to add depth and creativity to videos.
  4. High-Resolution Export: Utilize the desktop power to create and export videos in high resolutions, enhancing visual quality.
  5. Time-saving Templates: Pre-designed templates for quick video creation, catering to various themes and styles.
  6. Seamless Synchronization: Sync works across devices, allowing for flexibility in creating and editing content on different platforms.
  7. Sharing and Collaboration: Effortlessly share content and collaborate with others, facilitating teamwork and feedback integration.

Download Reelsy For PC Free

Name Reelsy
App Version
Category Reels & Video Maker
App Size
38 MB
Supported Android Version
7.0 and up
Last Update 13, Jan 2023

Installing the Reelsy App for Windows and Mac using Bluestacks

From the website, you can download the app for Windows and Mac. Getting the app for Windows and Mac is as easy as downloading it from the official website. You can also use the Reelsy Android app for Windows or Mac if you choose. If that’s the case, an Android emulator may be necessary.

Step 1: Install and Download the Bluestacks Android emulator on your PC or Mac.

Download Bluestacks: Download BlueStacks App for PC – Windows 10/8/7 & Mac

Step 2: After installing Bluestacks on your computer, open the Google Play Store.

Step 3: Enter ‘Reelsy’ in the Google Play Store search bar.

Step 4: Click on the App, and Install it.

Step 5: You can now use the Reelsy App on your Windows and Mac computer.

Although other emulators can be used, But Bluestacks is more effective and reliable. There is also a good emulator called Nox app player that you can use.

Reelsy app Alternative


A user-friendly editing tool offering both basic and advanced features, perfect for beginners and intermediate users.

Adobe Premiere Pro

A professional-grade software with a comprehensive set of editing tools for video production, offering advanced features and extensive flexibility.

DaVinci Resolve

Known for its powerful color correction and audio editing tools, this software provides a robust platform for video editing, suitable for both beginners and professionals.

HitFilm Express

Combines video editing and VFX tools, providing a comprehensive platform for creating high-quality videos.


In the realm of video creation on PC, Reelsy stands out for its user-friendly interface and robust editing features. However, the landscape offers a diverse array of alternatives like Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro, each with its unique strengths. Whether catering to beginners or seasoned editors, these alternatives provide a spectrum of tools and functionalities, ensuring there’s a perfect match for every creator’s needs and skill level in the dynamic world of video editing.

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