How to Insert Hyperlink into a jpeg on MAC

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how to insert hypertext into a Jpeg on Mac. You may often want to link people to your site or other sites when you send mail or share images on your Mac. Text hyperlinks might have been created several times, and a similar procedure applies when creating the hyperlink for your jpeg image or making the hyperlink for your png file on your Mac. Follow these steps:

How to Insert Hyperlink into a jpeg image on MAC

How to Insert Hyperlink into a Jpeg on Mac

  • The first requisite would be to have a website URL to redirect to, from the image hyperlink that you create. You can either type the URL in manually at a later stage or first type/visit it in the Safari browser. To copy and paste for later, just use the Command-C button for now after selecting the entire URL text.
  • Go to the sharing option such as Mail, or anywhere except iMessage where you want to share the image hyperlink. Find the JPEG image that you want to use as a hyperlink, and proceed to attach the image to Mail or other sharing apps. You can find the images using the “Add Photo or Video” option or use the Finder app to locate them.
  • Drag or open the image as per the previous step and once it is placed where you want to send it from, highlight the image by dragging the cursor over it. You can also use the keyboard shortcut for selection.
  • Now, select the “Add Link” in the menu bar of your Mail app. It will prompt a text box in which you have to enter the URL from before. You can either copy and paste it into this text box, or type it in. When done, press enters or “Go”, and you have successfully created an image hyperlink out of your JPEG file on your Mac.

Final thoughts

The process for creating hyperlinks is relatively straightforward and follows a similar pattern. Third-party apps, or apps that do not support Hyperlinks, do not support application support and other restrictions. It depends on third-party apps and native programs to support an Image hyperlink, and can only be used if you create a hyperlinked image in Mail. Due to server and app restrictions, you may not be able to create hyperlink images in apps such as iMessage, Facebook, and other social media apps.

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