How to Change Payment Method on Crunchyroll? Guide and Tips

Nowadays, there is a streaming service for every taste and interest around the world. Crunchyroll, for instance, has a particular focus on target audiences, despite having an infinite catalog of content. Read on to learn how to change Crunchyroll’s payment method or how to watch content offline to gain a deeper understanding of this service.

16 years after Crunchyroll launched in San Francisco, California, it is one of the world’s largest streaming services. Over 120 million subscribers enjoy Crunchyroll’s anime, manga, and drama content. Let’s learn more about it.

ow to change payment on crunchyroll

How to change payment method on Crunchyroll

Premium subscriptions require you to enter a payment method from which you will be charged every month. On Crunchyroll, users can select either credit cards or Paypal, as well as change their payment methods at any time.

First, here is how you change it to another credit card:

  • Enter Crunchyroll and make sure you are logged into your account.
  • Click on the profile icon that is located in the top right corner.
  • In the new menu, enter Settings.
  • Now you have to choose Premium Membership Status.
  • Next, click on the Change card option.
  • The following step is to write all the information and data from the new card.

Instead of looking for account settings, you could check the status of your premium membership.

Changing your PayPal account to a credit card is simple if you have a Crunchyroll account linked to PayPal:

  • This time you have to enter your PayPal account.
  • Go to the recurring payments option.
  • Select the charge for Ellation, Inc.
  • Delete the subscription.
  • Then go to Crunchyroll and submit the information for the new credit card.

Tip: The last day before they charge you is the best time to cancel the subscription; otherwise, you would have to wait before linking a new payment method.

How to cancel your subscription on Crunchyroll

You can cancel your Crunchyroll subscription in a few different ways, the first of which is through your PayPal account. The following method will help you cancel using your credit card:

  • Start by entering the Crunchyroll website through your computer’s browser.
  • Click on the profile icon.
  • A new menu will appear, where you can choose Settings.
  • Go to the Account settings page.
  • Check the status of your Premium Membership.
  • You can cancel your current payment or cancel your premium subscription altogether by clicking the Cancel button located on the right.

You can also cancel a free subscription this way called “nuking”:

  • First, enter this link https://www.crunchyroll.com/nuke 
  • Next, they will ask you to do a survey asking why you would like to cancel your subscription.
  • Once you have filled it up, you can click on the Deactivate now button.
  • Click on Ok to confirm, and now your account will be permanently deleted.

Tip: nuking your account is irreversible, so unless you are sure you won’t use Crunchyroll ever again, we recommend you avoid doing it.

how to free crunchyroll

Why you should get a Premium account

There’s a good reason you’re hesitant about getting Crunchyroll Premium because it’s free. You will still benefit from a paid subscription depending on what plan you choose.

Various packages are available in different price ranges, starting at $7.99 to $14.99 per month to allow users to have affordable access to the service. It’s possible, though, to get exclusive access to original merchandise, discounts, or early access to new content if you sign up for the most expensive plan.

Moreover, premium accounts don’t have ads; you can use them on multiple devices and listen to better-quality videos. Offline content is also available for premium accounts. Lastly, if you are still unsure about the subscription, you can try it during the free trial and see if you like it, or cancel it at any time by following one of the procedures we explained.

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Is the Crunchyroll store safe?

Since Crunchyroll merchandise is very economical and supposedly original, many new users wonder if the product is legitimate. Crunchyroll’s store offers genuine products, and most users had positive experiences buying there.

Each product is licensed from the manufacturer, and all stock comes directly from Japan. From keychains to plushies, to costumes, you can find everything you need. There are also some subscriptions that receive periodic discounts and practically free stuff on special occasions, as we mentioned previously.

In addition, their free shipping threshold is relatively low, you only have to reach $100 to qualify. Your order can arrive after a week or so, depending on your location.

How to get a subscription for a friend

You can give someone a Crunchyroll subscription among Crunchyroll’s many features. In a few steps, you can create an anime-themed gift that any anime fan will love:

  • You can give a Crunchyroll subscription to anyone by entering their Crunchyroll account.
  • Choose to Send Gift from the menu.
  • Select a membership plan from their list. Subscribers can choose between monthly or yearly plans along with Premium Plans, Premium Plus Plans, Mega Plans, and Ultimate Plans.
  • You must click on Proceed to check out after selecting the package.
  • When you submit your information, the subscription will be sent to your friend. If you already have a premium account, the subscription will automatically be charged to you there.

How to watch content offline on Crunchyroll

Having a premium account on Crunchyroll gives you access to this benefit. If you are not connected to the Internet, you can still watch all the content you want.

A Mega or Ultimate Fan subscription is required to take advantage of this feature. Depending on what package you choose, you’ll also receive other benefits.


Thanks to Crunchyroll’s user-friendly interface, most procedures should be pretty simple for anime fans. The service is excellent for people who like anime, and even though they aren’t the only ones who have some of the series, they have an incredible collection of shows, so there’s a good chance you’ll find the show you want.

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